“A great experience with a great outfit.”

My trip with Alex and Cozumel H2O couldn’t have been better!!! My son who is a very inexperienced Jr. diver with only a handful of dives under his belt and myself with maybe 50 dives were treated very well and had a great time. Alex had been very informative in his emails and told me the highlights of most of the different reefs beforehand so I knew which ones were gonna be best for my son to do, but I just trusted Alex to pick which ones we dove on and he did a great job. He also stayed with my son the whole time and took care of him when he had trouble clearing his ears on our second decent,which allowed me to enjoy the dives much more than I normally do because I have to watch after him so much. My camera got waterlogged during the second dive but Alex saved the day with his camera and sent me lots of pictures which are much better than mine anyway.Loes did a wonderful job setting up the whole thing and I am so glad I met Leo on a spearfishing trip a couple of years back so he could recommend Alex for this trip.The whole crew are all class acts and I’m proud to consider them friends . Trying now to figure out a way to get back down there for a week of diving and spearfishing as the one day cruise ship layover just got me hungry for more. You can bet when I make it back, Cozumel H2O will be who I go with for any kind of water adventures.
Cost…………….. 5 star, a bargain to me
Logistics……….5 star, Loes does a great got on arrangements
Equipment…….5 star, All equipment they provided was up to date and fit well
Trip length……..5 star, Only my being out of shape shortened my air but it was plenty long
Safety…………….5+ stars, Alex kept a VERY close watch on my son and we both felt very comfortable diving for the first time in the open ocean.
Thanks guys for the best vacation I have had in years!!!!!!!!!!


Trip Advisor