My experience could not have been better! Loes set me up on a scuba expedition with Alex and a spearfishing trip with Leo.

Alex could not have been more professional and courteous. He took time to find out what we’d like to do and then developed a plan for us to do all the dives that would accomplish those goals. My fiancée, who had never scuba’d before, also accompanied me and he was very patient with her at all times. He was very thorough in his explanation of how to scuba dive and he made sure not to push her too much…which I greatly appreciated. He also arranged for a little more adventurous dive for just he and I where we saw sea turtles, beautiful coral, many fish, and a couple moray eel. Alex has took a ton of pictures which he then sent to us after our trip. I’m probably leaving something good out……. very, very good experience.

Diving with Leo was also amazing. I have long wanted to go spearfishing and when I was searching for a guide Leo’s name was the one that popped up most often with the most favorable reviews…..and those reviews were well deserved. He was very thorough in his explanation of what we were going to do and then he followed through on his instructions. He made sure to adjust the trip to the capabilities of the people on our boat….even though I’m sure he could have accommodated much more experienced divers. I can’t say enough about how cool spearfishing was….kind of like flying above your prey while choosing what to strike all while observing your surroundings. Very cool. Leo also recommended a restaurant where would could take our catch for the day and have it prepared…..also amazing.

Great day for sure. Thank you H2O!


Trip Advisor