Cozumel Underwater Pictures

Wanna have gorgeous pictures of your tour? Go H2O!

We probably all know that feeling, you go on vacation, take 100 pictures and once you are back home, only a few pictures are really nice ones. Your underwater pictures and video don’t even come close to how it really looked liked when you were here. They don’t show the colors and don’t give you the feeling you had while you were diving or snorkeling. Don’t worry about that anymore, just enjoy your experience and let Miguel capture all the beautiful fish you see during your trip on DVD.

Miguel is an artist. Watching him work, you can tell that he loves what he’s doing. Even before he gets in the water, he’s climbing all over the boat to get establishing shots of you. Once under water, Miguel is everywhere, recording each moment as you drift among the towering coral formations and the exotic fauna that Cozumel is famous for.

The results are breathtaking. Miguel’s underwater photo skills have been finely honed by his years of experience. He has a knack for anticipating the actions of the fish and other wildlife. Not only does he shoot the turtle, for example, but he works to get you and the turtle in the frame together. Miguel makes the most of each dive. But the photo is only half of the equation. As much time as he spends shooting, Miguel spends even more in the editing suite getting it just right. Miguel knows that the art is not only in the photo, but to an equal degree, in the post production. When he delivers a customer’s DVD, Miguel takes pride in the fact that he has done his best to create a completely hand made work of art especially for you.

So, if you’re planning a dive or snorkel trip to Cozumel, consider how great it would be to have your underwater moments captured on DVD to be shared with family and friends.

Later, when you’re back home, submerged in the stresses and demands of real life, you can take a moment, put in the disc, and relax as the feeling of watery weightlessness returns. All of your cares will disappear, and you’ll be reminded of the incredible beauty of the underwater world, and realize how lucky you are that you experienced this in real life.

You have an underwater camera yourself but the pictures don’t turn out exactly as you want to? What about a few dives with a Photo Dive Buddy?

This workshop is designed so you can forget about everything else but your pictures, focus on that particular subject, you would have a Miguel looking for your big turtle or guiding you to the place where you can see that nudibrach you were looking for, after the dives, work on your pictures and get them tuned and ready to print or publish, your choice!