Snorkel Package

Wanna go snorkeling? Go H2O!

You can’t decide between North and South? No worries!

On high demand we offer now a snorkel package so you can see all the best Cozumel has to offer; North, South and even Night Snorkeling.

See up to 9 different reefs. Which 9 we visit depends on the weather that day. Expect to see beautiful coral formations, the artificial reef made by the coral restauration program, shipwrecks, small reef fish, flounders, eels, bigger fish as groupers, barracudas, rays and nig chance to see sharks and turtles. 

At night we can see lobsters, king crabs, octopus, squids and the bio luminous. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.


1 day North and 1 day South: $145 USD per person 
1 day North, 1 day South and Night: $215 USD per person 


Day snorkeling includes Marine Park fee, Harbor fee, snorkel gear, fruits, snacks and purified water. 

Night snorkeling includes Marine Park Fee, Harbor fee, snorkel gear, wetsuit, dive light and purified water.