Snorkel Tour

Let us take you snorkeling at the most beautiful reefs of Cozumel. Crystal clear blue water, vibrant coral reefs and lots of fish. What more could you ask from a snorkeling expedition?
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Scuba Diving

Cozumel Tours - Cozumel Scuba Diving
Cozumel has amazing visibility, beautiful coral and rich marine life. Let us take you to the most beautiful reefs. Whether you are experienced or not… dive with Cozumel h2o!
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PADI Courses

Cozumel Diver Cerification
Do you want to get scuba certified? Or do you love scuba diving and ready to get certified for the next level or add a specialty? Choose one of our PADI certified courses!
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Passion Island

Visit the most beautiful beach in Cozumel; white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water. We offer a tour to this beautiful beach in combination with diving and snorkeling. Both options offer on the way back the joy of tubing and/or subwing. The best way to end this beautiful trip. W
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